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In addition to our regular training sessions, Emrys, LLC will create custom classes to fit your business needs.

Current Offerings

Beginning Computing
This class is geared toward new computer users and intermediate computer users that would like to increase their knowledge and proficiency with Windows operating systems. The topics covered in this class are as follows:

Basic operating system structure
Windows operating system layout
Operating system maintenance
Hotkeys and Shortcuts
Email and Internet usage
Question and answer period

Internet Security and Parental Controls
This class is for parents and educators that need help in addressing the rapidly growing demand for children to use the Internet. In our discussions with parents we have found that many people have a feeling of helplessness regarding their children and computers. This class is designed to help parents understand the dangers of the Internet, and how to deal with them through usage guidelines parental controls, and other technical solutions.

Internet overview
Availability of private information on the Internet
Chat rooms
Instant messenger programs
Tracing utilities
Parental controls
Usage guidelines
Open forum question and answer period

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